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BODsAi transforms crowd-sourced opinions into coherent consensus, providing businesses, communities, educators and individuals with data-driven insights for strategic decision-making, societal impact, and fostering a culture of informed, collaborative problem-solving, all orchestrated by human-centric and inclusive AI moderation.

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Designed to tackle major problems of the digital age.

Information Overload

BODsAi helps users quickly grasp an understanding of complex and diverse subjects.

Improved online discourse

With inclusive Ai moderation, BODsAi aims to maintain a well-focused, respectful and meaningful dialog.

Business and Project Management tool

BODsAi is a powerful app that enables effective brainstorming, analyzing customer feedback and public sentiment.

Research & Discovery

Custom insights with graphical interphase and statistical analyses from consensus-related data.

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Meet Our Dynamic Team Members

Dr. Gabriel Suárez

Founder and CEO

Gabriel Suarez is a molecular biologist specialized in Systems Biology & Bioinformatics with a passion for artificial intelligence. As the founder of SCIOX, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the development of innovative AI-driven solutions.

Muhammad Moinuddin

Partner at SCIOX and Co-Founder at BODsAi

Muhammad Moinuddin is a skilled full-stack developer. As a partner at SCIOX and co-founder of BODsAi, he plays a crucial role in driving the technical vision and execution of our projects.

Nathan Rice

Technical Advisor

Founder of Sibylline Ai(sibylline.dev), Nathan Rise is a seasoned data scientist with a deep understanding of AI and data analytics. As a technical advisor for BODsAi, Nathan provides invaluable insights and guidance, helping to refine and optimize our AI-driven solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BODsAi?

BODsAi is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes how individuals and businesses engage with information online, transforming crowd-sourced opinions into actionable, consensus-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

How does BODsAi differentiate from other AI solutions?

Unlike traditional platforms, BODsAi focuses on human-centric AI interactions, fostering meaningful communication and collaboration through advanced data visualization and consensus algorithms.

What specific problems does BODsAi address?

BODsAi tackles information overload, toxic online interactions, and the impersonal nature of digital communication, enhancing online discourse by creating a more organic and engaging user experience.

Who benefits most from using BODsAi?

Our platform serves a diverse range of users including educators, marketers, researchers, and decision-makers in any field who seek to harness collective intelligence for deeper insights and practical outcomes.

What is the business model of BODsAi?

BODsAi operates on a subscription-based model with tiered services for individual professionals and enterprise clients, ensuring scalable solutions that grow with our users' needs.

Does BODsAi integrate with existing systems?

BODsAi, in addition to working as a stand-alone mobile app, is being designed for seamless integration with existing CRM and data analytics platforms, enhancing rather than replacing current infrastructures, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to leverage AI without extensive system overhauls.

What are the future developments planned for BODsAi?

We are continuously evolving BODsAi to include more personalized AI features, broader language support, and enhanced analytics that anticipate and adapt to the changing dynamics of digital interactions.

Key future feature enhancements include word clouds to summarize and visualize consensus insights, interactive maps linking ideas and statistical analyses.

How secure is the data on BODsAi?

Security is paramount at BODsAi. We employ the latest encryption technologies and comply with international data protection regulations to ensure user data is secure and private at all times. Additionally, we take advantage of the high security standards of iOS and Android ecosystems to further protect user information.