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Our Story

Founded in 2023, SCIOX emerged with a vision to revolutionize the way we interact with technology through AI-driven solutions. From its inception, SCIOX has been committed to fostering innovation, integrity, and inclusivity in the tech industry. Our mission is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to create impactful products that enhance digital experiences and provide practical solutions to real-world problems.

Our Technology

SCIOX specializes in designing and deploying software solutions, state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLM) and education that leverage the power of AI. 

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver optimal solutions for a variety of applications.

Our Culture

At SCIOX, we foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, trust, and innovation. We believe in supporting our team members and empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity ensures that we value and respect different perspectives in all aspects of our work.

Our Impact

Sciox is dedicated to making a positive impact on society through our work. We are committed to developing sustainable technologies, advancing AI research, and creating solutions that benefit individuals and communities globally. Our products are designed to enhance digital interactions, foster creativity, and drive technological innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sciox?

Sciox develops AI-driven tools and platforms like, BouncyPaint, and BODsAi, focusing on enhancing interaction, creativity, and data analysis across various industries.

Can you describe some of Sciox’s key products?

Key products include BODsAi, a platform for crowd-sourced insights; BouncyPaint, an innovative app for stress-relief, improved focus and creative entertainment; and, an innovative hub for AI exploration and education.

What support does Sciox offer to users of its innovative applications and educational resources?

Sciox offers extensive support through our highly skilled technical team. We cover a wide range of technical subjects and, in addition to developing innovative products, we are dedicated to consulting, helping, inspiring, and educating all our users and clients. Our vision and passion drive us to ensure every user maximizes the potential of our applications like BODsAi, WhatAPrompt,, and BouncyPaint.

How does Sciox ensure the ethical use of its AI technologies?

We commit to ethical AI by adhering to strict data usage policies, data privacy protection, maintaining transparency in AI operations, and engaging with community stakeholders to address ethical concerns.

What future innovations is Sciox planning?

Looking ahead, Sciox aims to focus enhancing BODsAi (our latest development!), with features like word cloud summaries of consensus, interactive maps linking ideas, and statistical analyses of consensus-related data. These features will empower businesses, educators, communities and individuals in the pursuit of actionable insights, deep feedback analyses, and customer sentiment revelations. We also aim to further enhance existing applications to keep pace with advancing technology and user needs.

How does Sciox ensure the security and privacy of data?

We prioritize data security and privacy by employing advanced encryption methods, rigorous compliance with global data protection regulations, and continuous monitoring to safeguard all information processed and generated by our AI systems.

How can potential users get started with Sciox?

Interested users can reach us through our website contact form, email, or phone. We offer initial consultations to establish investor relations, discuss challenges and goals, and how our solutions can be aligned to meet your business objectives.